How long formerly a poppy wearer is attacked?…

They've already shown that they have no respect for our soldiers, or our laws, so how long's it going to be previously someone is attacked by an Islamic nutter for wearing a poppy?
Using a video from you tube does nothing for credibility. Anyone can post anything that suits their agenda and does not make it the truth. And I know of not a soul who has attacked a poppy wearer ever. I wear one until it falls apart.
Good point, and one I am curious to find an answer to...
I deduce that, rather than attacking a poppy-wearer they will take misdemeanour and David Cameron will bend over backwards to ensure they don't get offended. Guess what? 9/11 touchy us but how many politicians give a flying f*** roughly speaking that eh? Anyway this is just like the crap in the region of people wearing England shirts (to be patriotic, not racist!) during the world cup to support our squad! Tell you what, I'll go around wearing the Islamic sign on my shirt despite the fact I'm not Muslim. Them perchance I WON'T be racist!! Source(s): AARGH
they wont need to attack somebody wearing a poppy, they will attack any lone white british person next to no excuse needed. this is what we allow into our country, ungrateful smelly bastards that wouldnt touch a bar of soap unless it was wrapped inside a giro.
I never had any problems wearing one when I lived within Whitechapel which had loads of Muslims there subsidise then.

Also you seem to forget that Muslims serve surrounded by our armed forces. Source(s):…
Let them dare. This old skinhead girl can still hold a tear up, still knows some citizens from the old Suite days and we are NOT AFRAID to go P*** bash again.
Abu Ubadaihab is entitled to his view - if he incites violence on British soil then he should be arrested.
I dont agree next to him, simple as that.
Elisa is correct - I gave her the thumbs up.
How quickly would the media silence it though paul.......I don't suppose the news would ever get out.
Jeez, they know how to push BNP buttons, don't they?
No doubt a poppy wearer has been attacked. Quite possibly, someone wearing a poppy have stomped someones head in on a Saturday hours of darkness on the beer too.
Of course, what you mean is a white briton wearing a poppy and being attacked by someone openly muslim specifially for doing so.
I would imagine it might happen at some point, I would also picture it'll only happen once or twice ever - much resembling when 8-10 extremists protested in Wooton Basset, you'll probably give them adjectives the publicity they could possibly need.

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