Royal messages posted parcel to RETURN address my mistake! can i go and get a settlement?

came home to find royal mail have posted my parcel i sent to ME by mistake instead of to the receiver. i think i might know why? i wrote the 'TO' address on the rear of the envelope (the part you seal the envelope as i have accidently wrote MY address at the front) But i made sure i wrote 'TO' against the receivers address and FROM against mine. The stamp was placed at the front subsequent to my address.
So should i even bother going to the post office tomorrow for a refund?
No. You could try but i doubt you'd return with anywhere. Just repost it in a new envelope next to the correct address on the front.
The stamp should be on impossible to tell apart side as the receivers address, yours was on the return side.
It is your mistake, the PO use electronic scanners to direct the e-mail and this is done from the postage side of the letter or parcel.
You will not get a return but they may take it back and redeliver it for you.
Take it hindmost to the same Post Office and explain to them what has happen. They should just be able to re post it for you Source(s): Post Office Worker
RM Postie here:

No point in claiming from the Post Office I am afraid as they sell stamps but are not responsible for labour of mail. If you wanted to claim you would hold to go to Royal Mail.

However, I can see why it was returned to you if you put a stamp on where on earth your address was even of you wrote from:

All letters presently get sorted by machines and all they look for surrounded by their recognition software is

House Number
Post Code
Payment Method - in your shield stamp.

So the machine found the stamp and sent it to the address it recognised on the same side - your address.

Also the Post organization lady did the right thing. There is an bureaucrat recognised position which is the top right of the front of an envelope and unless you pointed out that you had put the address on the wrong side she would not notice - after adjectives when you deal with 1,000s of post each day next they all look the same and one wont stand out even if it is a local address.

I would give somebody a lift it on the chin as a lief lesson and send it correctly this time.

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