I work PART TIME surrounded by mcdonalds is it right that i entail to budge full time over xmas hols ?

My boss says that all part of the pack timers will be full time over xmas hols, this is also the case at the summer holidays and easter hols etc.. Is this correct ? UK only BTW!
You need to look at your contract. If your part time hours are clearly specified within it, then no, you don't. If, however, it says something similar to 20 hours a week, but more if required, then, yes, you do.
While I was at college lots years ago, I worked at Mcd's part time also. Unless the contracts have changed, on a proletarian contract, you should still be able to work part-time. I know during the holidays it get really busy, but they can and should employ temp students. I only worked during the holidays to achieve more money.

I suggest the best thing to do is to take another look at your contract and read the small prints. If it doesn't state you hold to work during the holidays, I think it's best you go to citizens support bureau for legal advise.

I hope this help?
I don't know about the UK but contained by the states your at will employee you work where ever hours they present you.
it sounds like you know how the business operate and that this comes as no surprise - so yes, it is absolutely right
You enjoy a choice.

Do it or don't.

If you do, fine. You'll earn more money.

If you don't, then I wouldn't suggest that you bank on mortal a part-timer in McDonalds or anywhere else for much longer.

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