My friend have a proceeds of crime demand made against him for lb60,00?

this was for growing cannabis. He had a medical shield which was cast aside by the adjudicate. He was in the process of appealing the amount owed when he be imprisoned for not payment. He served 13 mths, a month after his release he died. Does his estate still owe the money?
You can only serve a sentence of captivity in lieu of a fine. If the lb60,00 (do you mean lb60,000?) be a compensation/seizure order, as it almost certainly be, being the proceeds of crime, then it is still owing. Perhaps the cheapest mode of finding out the facts is to ask Inland Revenue & Pensions.
Proceeds of Crime legislation is ridiculous, but not pretty that ridiculous.

1. As JZD said, normally, to make a PCO for lb60,000.00 the court would hold to believe that the cannabis had a monetary value of lb60,000.00. The exception would be if your friend be found to have a criminal lifestyle, which would require multiple convictions, or convictions involving serious supply of drugs. It would then be for your friend to prove that any money or property he have was obtained through allowed means.
2. Why was the appeal not proceeded next to?

You should also be aware that having been prescribed a cannabis derivative medication does not entitle you to grow cannabis and of course not to supply it to a third party. He had no safety to the offence itself which is why he was convicted.

It would be a devout idea for your friends sons to take proper legally recognized advice.
In decree for this sum to be determined, the court had to make a finding that he have profited from the growing of cannabis by the sum of the seizure order (lb60k). I can and so see why the 'medical' defence was not much use to him.

The sum remains outstanding unless the instruct is revoked. Ironically, death is no release from debt. Source(s): I'm a lawyer.

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