Did I exploit immorally by taking the money?

I was in B&Q.Went to self-service checkout. Buying one item, pulled out walled and other crap from pockets. Paid by card. Shop assistant asks, "is that yours" and points at lb5 on floor, pretty much right at the back where I was standing. I'm resembling, err, dunno, probably and pick it up. I have no idea if lb5 be mine, my pockets are in a permanent state of disarray. But principle that as it was unlikely to have be on the floor when I approached without noticing, plus my mother be with me and she didn't see either and as I've of late got wallet out, probably mine. Guy at other self-service checkout a few metres away sees my indecision. Asks his friend who is previous the checkouts, at the vending machine, if it is his, as he had walk past the area prior to us arriving at them. He is first persevering it is not his, checks his pockets, and is generally pretty sure it's not his. I can feel myself hoping it's not his, which contained by turn makes me feel guilty.
The point is, I am not sure it is mine, the shop assistant noticed it first. It seems the probability are it is mine, but I cannot be sure. Is it immoral to keep it? Should I offer it to a good cause? What on dirt is a good cause?
any money on the floor is mine.
i mostly basically keep all money i find. i found lb40 within two twenty pound notes the other week and i spent them . i found lb 40 some years back as okay . i have found lb5 notes lb10 resume and lb20 notes especially when i worked in a shop and i hold on to them i am glad didn't hand it in and i indubitably don't lose no sleep over spending it .. why would i ? its so cool to find money
It's fitting to have someone with integrity on this page. I've be in this position myself and have asked around me. If it's distinctly not the property of any other bystanders and you are somewhat disorganised, then the chances are that it is your lb5. However, a bit than feel guilty, give it to a charity such as Crisis or the Salvation Army over Christmas time.
If you are not sure then there is a casual it is your lb5. just as much as belonging to someone else.
You now know for sure it is yours because you enjoy it. Keep it, spend it, enjoy it. I would.
If you have given it to the check out girl she would probably have kept it. My feeling is that the owner of it, if it wasn't you, will not discover the loss for a while and will not know where on earth the loss could have taken place.
My advice is to hold it and if you still feel bad almost it donate it to a charity. There are many to choose from so that should not be a problem. The current top 2 for me are Help for Heroes and Children in Need.
God bless you and own a wonderful Christmas.
morality doesnt exist

and its just a 5...
Relax. You can keep it.
If it bothers you that much, put it in the subsequent charity collection box you see.

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