How can you 'force someone to do voluntary work' ?

That's a contradiction in terms - and the simply way they can currently get around the minimum wage achievement - if people 'volunteer'. I can't see people doing that.
High school "force" students to do community service by making it a graduation requirement, and colleges join in by making it an right of entry requirement.
You are not being "forced" to do voluntary work. It is voluntary and you always own a choice not to do it.
The change that is individual made by the "condems" (the UK coalition government) is that if you choose not to do the voluntary work that the government offers next the government are happy beside that, but they will not then pay you any laying-off benefits.

Just because you are unemployed you are not "forced" to claim unemployment benefits. I am currently out of work and claiming benefit and I am not claiming benefits. You don't have to.

Where -forcing- comes into it is that some people assume that if you can't claim benefits you will run hungry. I don't think this is true in most situations, but for some folks it is true, but in that case the "force" comes from in those claimants (wishing to stave off their hunger), not the government.
Maybe it should be re-named "Involuntary Work"

Or simply "Forced Labour"
You can't force somebody to volunteer. That's logically impossible. If you own some evidence that this is happening somehow please feel free to share it.
You can't. If someone is anyone forced to do the work, then it isn't voluntary. None of the examples in the other answers is voluntary if it is a requirement.
It means forcing someone to do work that you claim (claim!) is being done voluntarily.

Voluntary have always had the alternative goal of something that is not directly salaried for, as in the voluntary sector.
The parliament will pretend to pay people and the empire will pretend to work

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