What happen to shoplifters when they carry caught?

do they have to waste their time one interrogated in police stations? can they say yes ok ive nick a toothbrush and go home to face a fine surrounded by the post? if they have to be taken to police station, how long will they be there? attitude in mind they might have babies to nurture etc. this is a genuine question. im not taking the piss. also, how much police time can be withered on a shoplifter when theres speeding motorists on the loose?
If you're a minor:

They call mommy and daddy. Usually.
Once I stold a **** load of DXM pills next to my friend, we got out of the door and the guy came out and told us he wouldn't ring the police if we stayed away from there and gave him wager on the pills. I gave him half, and run. Lmfao.
Then there was a time my friends stold a **** nouns of pills and I stold uno cards. It went off for me. They come out and was like "HEYYY!" and we unflappably left the parking lot then run our asses back to his house.

Why? We're all on probation.

If you're an fully fledged:
Jail time. Unless you have a kid to blame it on. Source(s): Help me out maybe? :D
They are prosecuted for stealing, taken to the local police station, read their rights, and will be charged for the misdeed
They will go to court as they have committed a crime, afterwards the decision for punishment will be decided by the go-between
it is irrelevant whether they have children or not, they should consider that before stealing things that don't belong to them
If you want something - earnings for it - easy !!
because having a criminal journal may affect your future in getting a mission or indeed allowing you to travel outside the UK
Other countries do not allow criminals into their country Source(s): UK
If your a minor usually, a warning if it's your first time..

Possibly a small prison sentence, or community service.

Good Luck,

They must gain told off but it depends what it is, if someone stole a ring or a car they would get hold of told off but if they stole an orange next they would only have to reward a fine
I agree it is a waste of the polices time !! Why are you asking this??
They will be taken to a police station and interviewed. Sometimes but very rarely they are charged lacking being interviewed.

In terms of how long they will be near it is normally at least an hour. Most police forces operate a system whereby the arresting officer does not interview, the idea being that they will be able to take back on the street quicker. They prepare a short file for an interview, these are repeatedly conducted by a civilian officer - a retired copper for instance. There may be a wait for one to become available.

If they ask for a solicitor then the time can be increased, a solicitor contracts near the people who provide legal aid to be at a police station inwardly 45 minutes but this does not always happen. The official advice is free regardless of income.

After interview the custody sergeant will make an initial ruling what to do. If it is a first offence they will probably be given a caution, if an mature or a reprimand/warning if a youth. This is not a criminal record.

If the Custody sergeant considers a charge is appropriate then it have to be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide whether there is satisfactory evidence to charge. If they believe further evidence is need the police are sent out to get it (in nouns cases this is rare - evidence is straight forward and normally a statement from the officer or store detective will be enough)

After charge the custody sergeant decide whether to release the shop lifter or keep them contained by custody for the next court 99% of shoplifters are released but professional shop lifters or people beside no address or who fail to attend court are kept in custody sometimes overnight for the subsequent court. If arrested on a saturday they are kept until monday morning.

The likely penalty is a fine, obstinate offenders are given probation and sometimes sent to prison although the last 2 government have been describing the courts not to send people to prison. It is special to go to prison for shoplifting.

Juvenile drug dealer would probably go to court for the first offence and possibly juvenile detention depending on the amount involved
Jan is a bit wrong. In Scotland if you are underneath 16, nothing will happen. Certainly the fiscal would not prosecute.

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