Can I stop my UPC broadband service lacking paying?

I have a Vodafone Broadband 12meg speed, UPC has a 30meg speed so I changed over this week, I set it up yesterday and it did connect, I speed tested it, 29meg speed be coming through, however, while using internet the pages are slow to load and sometimes prompt, then it would shut down for few minutes several times in per hour, tremendously annoying!
This morning it cant even connect so I plugged back in my Vodafone Modem to write this.
Since I own not signed any agrreement, or even made any first payment, and its only a week,what are my consumer rights to go against as its obvious its their product acting up, apparently I am not the only one beside this problem after I googled it.
Just call and explain that it does not work and you are canceling it. If you did not sign a contract or use the product they cannot force you to pay for it.

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