Insurance claim and legal representative?

had a crash in december 2008 which wasnt my scorn i suffered servere injuries to my neck and back and after various months of been out of work i eventually felt competent to return on light duties (i work in retail) its still an ongoing brawl trying to get things sorted because my solister never applied to personal injuries board(piab) until 12months after the accident(jan 2010) as he was trying to take off them out of it and found than he was getting no joy from the insurance company on offer etc (they kept saying claim was not on nearby system)i had my assessment in aug this year and enjoy my report back and now they are clich¨¦ sooner rather than later it will be settled but entity is my solister is right lazy ive to do all the contacting i have to ring piab who had to contact him to sort out an assessment with a specialist(as i have seen his specialist,had an MRI and have my own GP Notes he told me i didnt need 1 theyd go on them) because i be going travellin for a few months ive since returned (family reasons) im just sick of constant lies telling me not a hundred percent have money and those deadlines hold *** and gone i dunno should i report him or just ask for a reduction within fees when my money does come true i know all this takes time but he delayed it an extra 12months by not replying straight away after the calamity and i should have been see by PIAB doctur when i was less moblie and how long is sooner to some extent than later lol
I assume you're based within the UK?

Who on earth are the PIAB? I've been doing personal injury work for 15 years and I've never hear of them. [Unless you're in the Irish Republic?]

If you're unhappy next to the solictoir, don't just b1tch about it - do something!
Get a solictor near whom you are happy and tranfser the case. The different solictor will do it for you.

Assuming you are on a CFA, the defendant will pay the solictor's fees, none will come from your damages.
At least, it shouldn't, if you're solicitor is straight. Source(s): I'm a advocate (UK)
You can ask for a reduction in his charge....and he can tell you no.

If you want to know what he is required to do and what remedies you have - read the retainer contract you signed when you hired him.

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