I'v be burdened accuse what do i do ?

a week ago i was excluded from school because a tutor said i grabbed her arm on two occasions; one where on earth she said i had a drink on the table, she tried to take it and i grab her arm another where she said i had be texting in class, i left my phone out on the table, she tried to run it and i grabbed her arm. i did not grab her arm on both occasion. in the first one i came into class drinking a can drink. i was trying to finish it and she said throw it in the bin. i said i cant do that its not finished ailing put it away. she said no throw it in the bin. i repeated and put it on the floor. she kept questioning me so i put it contained by my jacket and that was the end she didn't throw me out of the class, didn't see up a fuss. nothing. on the next one someone be trying to phone me, i was conservatively trying to text them relating them to not call me and she spotted me she said if she saw the phone out again shed confiscate it. the guy called again. so again more clandestinely than the last i tried to tell him not to give the name me and she spotted me gain, she said to give her the phone, i begged her to distribute the text, she let me, cease of story. then two weeks later i bring back dragged out of my lessons being told i inappropriately touched a trainer of course i had no conception what was going on. the line superintendent for my sixth form came and told me he was going to exclude me for two days. i said "i didnt do it!! ask the class!" he said he couldnt do it as it would destabilize his colleague. so they excluded me for two days. after i came back they permit me back into her maths lessons and i be surprised she could look me in the eye. and whatever i speak to the line manager he wont investigate. this go on my records and im worried what will happen if they check when i apply for university so what do i do.
Tell your parents and get them to speak to the school, school's other listen to parents because they don't want them to kick up a fuss. Works everytime.

It can get better or worse depending on what YOU want. If you want it to acquire better, schedule a meeting near the teacher and wipe the slate clean. Make agreements. And, brand a concerted effort to do your part.

Phones do not belong within school! If they allow them, turn the dam# thing past its sell-by date! It seems to be a major source of irritation .... trademark it go away!

Your call, your problem, how are you going to kind it go into a positive direction?

what a *****... get in touch beside higher authority. Like on the school board because next they have to investigate, im sure ur teacher and principal would not similar to the big stink so you could also threaten them with it.
I would suggest talking to an attorney about a situation close to this - some reputable resources: www.atkinsmarkoff.com
www.phillipslaw.com Source(s): www.atkinsmarkoff.com
first of all if you behave and studied in school what you are supposed to do this problem would not hold arisen would it?? now lecture over ask the lecturer if she could talk to you in the break and apologise proverb that i would not like to have this on my account.!
if you truly turn over a new leaf and niggardly it she may well listen to you and help save it unofficial.

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