Is it OK to lug lawful herbal drugs surrounded by suitcase?

I live abroad, i am hoping that a family contestant can bring over a 6 month supply of herbal drugs for me. Nothing illegal, still in ingenious packaging etc. They are hormonal pills, all inborn ingredients. But i am worrying about whether customs will make a problem give or take a few this, they would be in her suitcase, 6 bottles with 30 tablets within each. I am not sure what they look for when a suitcase goes through the scanner, again not within hand luggage but the check in luggage? Can anyone present some advice on this? I am living in Cyprus, both myself and relations are British. I cannot get these tablets here
OK? Maybe. But smart? Of course not! Whoever is WITH that shoulder bag (ALL bags get scan, many get opened) will be detained for abundant hours whilst an investigation (and probably a chemical analysis) is conducted...

MAIL them if they are legal!
I would be astonished if they wouldn't want to oral exam such a large quantity. If they are jammed and sealed by a recognisable manufacturer the whip one bottle with you and mail the rest.

Better still hold an attack of common sense and trust the NHS to prescribe you with a suitable alternative.
I am in a similar position and we are contained by the habit of bringing all sorts of pills and other medicaments through Customs. We hold never run into problems. We ensure that everything is properly sealed and that we have invoices for everything. I envisage that a large number of people whip such items through the system. We have also had friends and relatives pass such items for us when coming on a visit and none of them has ever run into trouble.
when the luggage passes the scanner a red restrained will start flashing and they will be toast

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