I'v be fasely accuse and i involve serve disproving this. what do i do ?

a week ago i was excluded from school because a educationalist said i grabbed her arm on two occasions; one where on earth she said i had a drink on the table, she tried to take it and i grab her arm another where she said i had be texting in class, i left my phone out on the table, she tried to thieve it and i grabbed her arm. i did not grab her arm on both occasion. in the first one i came into class drinking a can drink. i was trying to finish it and she said throw it in the bin. i said i cant do that its not finished bad put it away. she said no throw it in the bin. i repeated and put it on the floor. she kept questioning me so i put it within my jacket and that was the end she didn't throw me out of the class, didn't see up a fuss. nothing. on the next one someone be trying to phone me, i was conservatively trying to text them recitation them to not call me and she spotted me she said if she saw the phone out again shed confiscate it. the guy called again. so again more stealthily than the last i tried to tell him not to name me and she spotted me gain, she said to give her the phone, i begged her to dispatch the text, she let me, extremity of story. then two weeks later i take dragged out of my lessons being told i inappropriately touched a coach of course i had no notion what was going on. the line executive for my sixth form came and told me he was going to exclude me for two days. i said "i didn't do it!! ask the class!" he said he couldn't do it as it would sabotage his colleague. so they excluded me for two days. after i came back they consent to me back into her maths lessons and i be surprised she could look me in the eye. and whatever i speak to the line manager he wont investigate. this go on my records and im worried what will happen if they check when i apply for university.
my dad came down to the school and the strip manager still refused. what do i do if i give up your job it alone it will stay on my record that i'm some violent being when i'm not
you clearly haven't done anything but if i was you i'd go round to everyone contained by the class at the time and get them to sign a petition to say you haven't done anything but do it past its sell-by date your own back and go to your principal of year/head of school cos it needs to be sorted up to that time it escilates.
some peoples lies make me feel sick!!
hope i might of help a lil Source(s): personal expirence
why don`t a moment ago turn your phone of in school ? you don`t requirement a phone in school . feel you just going to have to help yourself to this one , any way I don`t think it will hurt you latter on ,
and next time turn the phone past its sell-by date
Her telling a manager that you own done something wrong when you have not is slander.

If they have in reality put it in writing in your accounts where anyone could possibly see it in adjectives, that is libel.

See a solicitor and make a formal complaint to the conservatory board or management.

Make sure you are absolutely honest surrounded by the complaint with no exaggerations, as if you say anything untrue you are afterwards committing libel and it destroys any grounds you have against the teacher.
If the "line manager" who I assume is like a guidance don, or head of year, won't do anything, then have a word to the head teacher. If they don't do something in the region of it, tell them you will take it to the local board of childhood (or whatever it's called) and that you'll tell the board that they are not doing their mission to investigate false accusations. They should change their tune, especially if your dad say the same thing.

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