Tennant not paying rent?

I rented out my flat to this girl through an agency which guaranteed the rent each month. Then the sent us a letter to vote they were stopping the guaranteed rent and any rent paid by the tennant would be 10% deduct and given to us. She was in arrears next to them and they told us not to worry the arrears didnt affect us. Now the tennat is DSS and has be about lb2,000 in arrears (4 months) the guaranteed rental stopped on the 5th october. on impossible to tell apart day the tennant paid lb1,000 to the agency and adjectives we saw was about lb380 be it should have been nearly lb900, they agency said they compensated us a portion of the rent and the rest went to her arrears, now bare in mind the arrears were accumulate when we were under the guaranteed rental undertaking. Are they breaching their contract with me by doing this? now the tennant is nearly 2 months down with me so im just wanting to know what i can do? she is appreciably spending the rent money and sodding everyone else. i have a mortgage to pay and 2 kids so i cant afford for this to step on please help
Take the Boys round for a visit, if you know what i mean.
Your issue is next to the rental agency only.

Do you not have a contract beside them? Read it.
I assume the tenant is the girl.

Simply issue possession proceedings in your local court, but serve a NTQ (the agency can do this) first, and achieve the flat back. A new tenant would be better than this degenerate.

If the agency owe you money under the contract, write and ask them for it, if they don't pay up, issue a small claim.

If the DSS is within arrears, they'll eventually catch up. Source(s): I'm a lawyer

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