Can a muslim individual explain to me how king abdulla have 30 wives?

i was just wondering i know within islam in theory you can own i think 4 wives
but king abdulla of saudi arabia has 30 or more but say he is the custodian of the 2 holy mosques in saudi and has a strict respect of islam but is he not going against what the quran have said about marriage
ps im not adage anything negative about islam or i dont want any stupid racist awnsers i a moment ago want to know how he can have so many wives legitimately
,,,,,,,,and don't forget his 30 mother-in -laws.He's not a King ,he's a bloody martyr?
You're asking a cross-question about the Muslim faith and you don't want 'stupid racist answers'?

Good luck near that.

YA is chock full of stupid racists who no doubt are itching to answer. Assuming they're not too busy posting stupid racist question.

As I'm not a Muslim, i'm afraid I don't know, but Wikipedia has a very long-drawn-out section on it.
Hi . I am a muslim so maybe i can help . . 1st of am not sure abt the number u said but if so . . . It would be he married 4 divorced them . . Married another 4 divorced them and so on ! Which is stupid and against islam aswell coz the lawful marriage in islam is when u plan to live together 4 ever . . U may divorce but 4 a common sense actually i call that audeltry contracts ! Shame on him peace . . .
i don't think that he has 30 wives! but if really have so he's insane no one represents islam ,the problem is in this man not surrounded by islam itself. Source(s): i'm muslim
What part of King of Saudi Arabia don't you know? He can have as many as he desires.

But the Koran isn't that clear on the max number.
One for each day of the month

But that's 30 times more nagging than one wife

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