Would I be charged for slaughter this party?

I was mugged four weeks ago and in the course of doing so I resisted, I be pushed to the floor and the two guys proceed to kneel above me and punch me in the facade repeatedly I lashed out with my arm and my elbow connected with the side of this guys person in charge this knocked him out [ i did not aim for his head but be just trying to push the hands away] his commander hit the curb as he fell and this is what did the damage he went into a coma for two weeks. Now the doctors vote he was very lucky to be alive as he have burst a few blood vessels in his skipper [he had a rather colourless skull] I was told I could have be in trouble if he died. I can't believe this as it was a complete coincidence and I did not want him to die at all!

would I have be charged?! by the way both guys are doing 500 hours of community service ;)
Highly unlikely.
You were acting contained by self defence.
You were using temperate force to defend yourself and it is not your fault.
myself i was mugged a few years ago. I received a broken nose and be knocked unconscious. I have heard that he had several previous convictions for other assaults and have only got a few months. If i have my way he would have get several years and community service too.Of course I would have loved someone do to him what he did to me. But what can I say save for the sooner they bring back the death cost and long prison terms the better.
if it happened as you said you be just defending yourself
no charge
Well if they said you would of be charged then yes.
Not likely. You be attacked and you are allowed to protect yourself. You met their force with equal force. If he had died, you would not own been charged.

If, after he fell unconscious and his buddy run off, you had kicked him within the head several times and he had subsequently died, you might be charged near manslaughter or murder.
No way would you be charged for killing. The CPS would never proceed with this bag. The fact you were mugged by two men places the item of serious danger to you in your choose - this means, whatever your response surrounded by defending yourself, it would be justified. If they are of a mind to mug you then you can not predict or dismiss what further doings they could do. So, this totally mitigates your actions. Even so your action be not deliberate intent to kill - it is your behaviour which was decided upon, your management was what a reasonable personage would do in the circumstances. "REASONABLE" is the guiding factor in statute in such cases. For example - it is NOT REASONABLE - if they ran past its sell-by date and you chased them and then killed one of them because by their running sour the danger to you does not exist, so you would be charged with murder but may be convicted of manslaughter.

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