Does performing a contract illegaly invalidate it?

Specifically, if a person was to be hired for pest control, and using inhumane methods to do this, read out conta the Animal Welfare Act 2006, would this invalidate the contract?

as a side question, do you need a license for pest control contained by the UK?

thanks for any thoughts or suggestions
As far as i know theres 3 things that make a contract valid. it needs to be legal/legaly enforceable(contracts for crimes are void). it needs to be definitive(clearly and plainly state what the expressions are). and binding(holding 2 or more parties to the defined terms). A contract falls under 1 of 3 classifications, valid,voidable and cancelled. if the contract is valid(legal,definitive and binding) then the party that commits a crime adhere to the terms of the contract hasnt broken the contract unless the contract specificly states the applicable laws are to be kept contained by adherence to the terms. if the contract wasnt broken, then the contract is enforcable and the being that commited the crime is responsable for his/her actions. if you have a contract near somebody to use a nuke on your ex in another state the contract is void because its illegitimate to nuke people like that. if you contract next to somebody to use a poison they arent liscensed for the contract is voidable. Source(s): Myself
You don't need a licence for pet control itself, but you do need a licence to use some of the poisons/chemicals laid to control pests - especially rodents.

But if the pst controller turns up beside a baseball bat and bashes the rodents on the head; you don't requirement a licence for that.

The PC would still be entitled to be paid assuming he controlled the pest unless the method of control was certified inwardly the contract and he used a different (unlawful) one.

Whether he was in breach of some ruling is a matter for the police/courts; and is not a civil matter going to the authenticity of the contract.

The contract would only be void if its purpose be illegal. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
A contract to do something illegal is cancelled as a matter of public policy. This means neither gathering has any actual obligation because here is no contract, so neither party can be sued for breach by the other. But this is not the same as a contract to do something allowed, which is then performed contained by an illegal manner.

In this travel case, assuming you did not know in advance that the pest controller would be acting without permission, the contract is valid and creates the expected obligations and the illegal ceremony does not necessarily invalidate the contract.

However, it is arguable that in these circumstances there is an implied residence that the pest controller acts in a humane and legally recognized manner. His failure to do so would after amount to a breach of the contract. In any case, the pest controller would be subject to the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. This requires him to provide his service with a fair degree of care and skill. It seem to me virtually certain that reasonable skill and concern would mean that the pest controller would be acting legally, so his dud to do so is a breach of contract.
If there's a bat loose in my house I don't care how the exterminator get rid of it. I just want it out. Source(s): Had 2 bats loose surrounded by my house. Killed one with a broom myself, the other got out the door

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