Why would I be offered financial support for terminally bad child, consequently it be retracted because I wont sign ?

I was offered some desparately needed financial help for my little girl, who is 4 and have brain tumour. I was told by fundraiser I could have the cheque when ego signed the publicity consent forms?? They thought she was adorable,and wanted to use her photo for their publicity. I wasnt sure and needed time to see what exactly the publicity be. He then got enormously deffensive and in so many words " no signature........no money" Im speechless, drastically hurt dissapointed and everything else, but mostly very very confused roughly this, can anyone give me their opinion on what I did wrong?
You did not do anything wrong
They want to use your child to raise money for their consortium
If they cannot use your child to do that they will not (in effect) pay
You didn't do anything wrong. You simply chose not to adopt the money. He told you, "no signature...no money." You chose not to sign, therefore, you don't get the money.

I agree beside the other posters: publicity is a way of "paying it forward." They need a style to raise money to help other children resembling your girl, and allowing them to tell the world about the folks they have helped within the past allows them to raise money to lend a hand more people in the adjectives.

As they say, don't look a gift horse within the mouth.

P.S. You're in Britain, aren't you? Don't they have socialized prescription there?
"I was told by fundraiser I could hold the cheque when id signed the publicity consent forms"
Sounds pretty clear to me. You sign the form or you get no money. They involve a way to GET the money you are going to be given. You seem to forget they are a form of business as ably. People don't donate just because they heard a place exists, they want to know WHO they are helping. So here's a picture of someone who will be helped, and people afford more. Make it a cute little girl and everyone feels so bad for the girl that they distribute money. You are exploiting her the same as they would be by taking their money, and you know it. You say all right I really needed the money, yeah and they really needed a way to get family to donate money.

Add: I'm not saying you did anything wrong, I agree with the first human being, I'm giving you the perspective of the organization.
It's a pay forward entity, you get help, and the publicity from it get money for the next child
This is the UK page. On the frontage of it, your little girl is eligible for special benefit. http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/index/lifeā€¦

You clearly sought help elsewhere (for which nobody could blame you, especially if you needed to jump a queue) and found that in that were strings attached. It was a concern for you and your conscience whether you signed the form. Whatever the rest of us might have done in such desperate circumstances have nothing to do with what you established to do. We can seldom put ourselves in the shoes of another person.
You didn't do anything wrong. That financial help be offered CONDITIONALLY. If you would agree to the conditions (in this case it mean that your daughter's pictures would be used for fund-raising), THEN they would contribute you the money. If you would not agree, you were not entitled to receive any money from them. As for mortal hurt or disappointed, you have no right to that money at all unless you are of a mind to comply with the conditions. As crude as it was, that fundraiser be right...no pictures of your daughter equals no money.

You have to decide what you want more...privacy or financial facilitate for your daughter and you need to decide promptly. But you can't expect a private organization to give you what you want if you aren't feeling like to give them what it is they want in return. I am so sorry almost your daughter. Good luck and God bless!

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