Have British Gas broken nearby contract due to the 7% rise contained by charges?

I have found a much cheaper gas supplier, First Direct.
British Gas say they will charge me lb30 if I devolution supplier but surely their price increase means they have broken our previous contract.
I reaction your comments.
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The small print would probably show that they own anticipated this possibility.
My experience was the "contract" I signed with a cellular phone company who were able to levy a substantial charge for "breaking" the contract when I left the country to pursue a better job elsewhere.
These companies also enjoy standing contracts with law firms who will communication you letters of demand at the drop of a helmet.
Modern business practice?
Depends on what you agreed with them. For instance, if you're on a fixed-price deal that expires contained by a few months - say April 2011 - then you aren't artificial by the price rise until then, but you are still liable for a penalty charge for withdrawing from your contract previously the fixed-price period comes to an end. You'll own to read your agreement carefully to check exactly what it says.

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