Do I own a court crust against my workplace?

I work in a small team on 4 relations, three female and one male. We adjectives do the same amount of work, have roughly one and the same experience, do the same jobs or really similar and the same hours. Us three girls get lb12000 per annum. The guy get lb16000. I can't understand what he does that deserves more money than us. I only purely found this out, and also his contract lists a different job description which he doesn't in reality do! He's supposedly 'in training' for it but I don't see him doing anything different from us. Do I have a legal grip for sexism or does the company have the upper hand simply because he's be given a different job title?
You have no legally recognized case whatsoever. Your company can pay what they similar to to who they like. There could be other factors as to why he is man paid more than yourself, and the company does not have to recount you the reasons. Source(s): retired business owner UK
If you can prove that he doesn't do any more work or work that is different from the character of work you do then under the Equal Pay Act you are entitled to be compensated the same. Just giving someone a different job description doesn't issue they actually have to be doing different work. You can transport them to an industrial tribunal. Source(s): Employment law experience
Does your company have a confederation? You could go to them or you can call The Labour Board. You own to have proof though.
Pay can not be reduced, it can only dance up.

For that reason, if a person getting better pay has no work surrounded by their section anymore. There is two choices.
They leave and resign, get hold of a redudancy payout
Move to another section the same where on earth there is work, if the company chooses to retain them for future employment.

The point mortal. This person regardless of sex. May have be in a different role prior to working with you. Where their take-home pay was justifiable surrounded by terms of the work they did then. At which poinbt the amount of work contained by that role ceased and they moved to working with you.
Just because the work they are doing immediately, is the same as what you are doing. Does not mean you return with the same pay. Because that human being may have carried a higher role than you, previous to working next to you.

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