How can you officially massacre a fox within Britain?

I'm only asking because I know that the hunting act prevents from hunting foxes next to dogs because it is deemed "inhumane". I know that is legitimate to kill foxes though and I am wondering what methods are considered "humane". Shooting, Trapping, Snaring, Gassing. etc?

Before you ask, no, I am not planning on killing a fox. I only just want to know because of an argument I am having with my friend concerning the hunting rejection.
With a Gun
or anything else that dispatches it fast and does not allow it to suffer

By the road,
Did you know?
■The main cause of loss for foxes in Britain is collision with a vehicle
■When it be still practiced, foxhunting caused 5% of all fox mortality
■Social and green factors are probably responsible for regulating fox numbers Source(s):…
I don't think traps, snares or toxins are lawful (anything that could easily harm other, protected animals).

Shooting is impeccably fine. You can chase a fox with two dogs and then shoot its facade off - but if one of the dogs bites the fox you're a criminal. If you chase a fox with more than two dogs you're also criminal.

Like nearly every canon introduced since the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997, it's a complete joke.
The only legal path in the UK is by shooting. Trapping, snaring and gassing own been illegal for masses years. Source(s): live in the countryside
I always despair when I see the term humane used when it is concerned beside killing for convenience or pleasure, I cannot think of any destruction of go that can be in anyway considered humane.
The most humane way is to shoot it any with a rifle or at short range near a shotgun.
Gassing and snaring are not the best way as the fox can suffer, and are more indescriminate.Ie badgers or deer etc can be artificial also.
maneuvring in reverse gear

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