Have I recieved unsolicited commodities and do i stipulation to return them?

First off, im not looking for any "moral" points of views, freshly the legal facts.

I placed an order near amazon for a PS3 game recently. The item be dispatched on the 8th and i had selected 1 morning delivery to receive on the 9th. It didn't arrive. It didn't arrive on the 10th or the 11th either. There be no package tracking on the item so i couldn't even look where it be. I emailed amazon on the 11th and told them i hadn't received the order. They said they would send another one out. A little subsequently i replied saying i would like a full re-fund, they did that and i thought it be all over with. On the 12th i next received the item through my letter box (I did NOT sign for it). I do not know if the item i received was the imaginative or the one they said they were sending out when i emailed them. Either way, by statute, do i need to return the item? i cancelled my order and received it anyway. Do i enjoy to contact them telling them i received it or can i wait and see IF they contact me on the subject of the item (i have no problem returning it if they ask). Also, if i have to return the item, will i own to pay for shipping or is that on them?

And on a slightly separate point, will they even know i have it? I did not sign for the item, they know i didn't receive it originally and they offered (not sure if they did), to transport out a replacement. They might just think it get lost (through all this i am assuming the original arrived as i emailed put a bet on only about an hour after they said they be sending a new one), in the post and contained by my opinion as i didn't sign for it, they have no proof i own it. Like i stated if i can get away with not sending it spinal column i will, but if amazon ask i have 100% no problem returning it as long as they pay to pick it up free of charge.

Also, if i didn't say aloud anything and i am supposed to, and they find out and contact me in say, 2 months, will they singular enquire about it and ask for it to be returned? Or could i obverse legal action for fraud etc? remember this is England not America... not sure if companies sue as much here, and i didn't sign for the collection so would their claim in court even stand up? - me "what item are you talking just about? i emailed you saying i haven't received it and then cancelled it, and it never arrived"

Anyway sorry for the VERY long quiz... but im trying to work out what the legal perspective is here and if it is possible to not say anything - close to talked about contained by the last part of the examine.
Do NOT comment saying things like, "i would dispatch it back because its the right thing to do", i do NOT prudence.
why do those studying or practising canon have little or no morals and principals
You have in your possession something that does not belong to you. That isn't a moral statement but a lawful one. You so want to keep it without paying for it. . .we know you don't carefulness. Not only are you short on morals but on balls. . .
Here is your allowed answer:

"Under the Unsolicited Goods and Services Act 1971, (as amended) it is an offence to demand expenditure for goods known to be unsolicited, contained by other words, they were sent to a person short any prior request made by them or on their behalf."

You solicited when you ordered.
Had you NOT ordered and received, it would be considered unsolicited.
This does not fall into the category of "unsolicited". You purchased it and they shipped the item. You afterwards canceled the order for a refund, consequently received the item. It is now your responsibility to contact the seller nearly this issue and work out either repaying for the item or sending it back.

Unsolicited routine you never asked for the item in the first place. You did ask for it. Just because you canceled the order does not return with you out of the obligation of the deal.
The distance selling regulations apply; you cancelled an order before the 7 days term expired.

The regs specifically cover the case of cancellation formerly an item is received. You did request it at some time, so it is not truly 'unsolicited' - they no more have a time machine than you do.

They are grateful to refund you in full as soon as you go against the purchase.

You have an obligation to nick reasonable care of the item until it's return or collection is arranged.
Who is responsible for the cost of the return depends on the seller terms and conditions, but generally the buyer pays return postage.

The duplicate is a result of them trying to be cooperative, they could have waited the fifteen days for the post organization to accept a loss in transit but sent a replacement promptly. It's still their property.

Distance selling regs coupled below. Source(s): http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/busines…
You should make attempts to return the goods, but nearby is no reason why you should pay for returning it. Tell them to collect it, and if they own been contacted to do so, you can sit back and hang about.

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