Can i carry a court injunction/restraining writ against a man who i'm afraid will hurt me or my toddler?

My sisters ex boyfriend is a violent man who has be in prison in former times, he regularly gets very drunk and take drugs then causes problems for my loved ones. He walked into my house when i was pregnant beside my son and threatened to kill me and my partner. He ended up disappearing without causing any impair to any of us, just trashed our house a bit. That was 5 months ago. Then end night he beat my sister up contained by her home then said he was coming to my house to eradicate my partner. He ended up being arrested up to that time he made it to my house thank goodness, he was locked up over hours of darkness but released today and i'm not sure what's going to happen next. My quiz is, is it possible for me to get a restraining order against him so that he cannot come practical me, my partner or my newborn son? I'm not sure if it's possible since he's only ever threatened us, he hasn't yet carried out his threats. Please assist, im scared for my sons sake.
Yes u can,go 2 ur precint and reach a deal 2 one of detectives,explain the whole situation,they should be able to assistance u out.Or move away from this situation.It will be better if ur sister go along with u.U involve to get away before someone get HURT,also inform ur family about what u and ur sister r going trough,ask for their sustain & support,but u need 2 get out of this mess.Good Luck & God Bless,do it for your BABY !! This convulse needs a good A-- W-------Gilbert
YOU cannot acquire any sort of order because he threatened your partner. HE can probably do so.

But really, since this guy has already be arrested for threatening, it's rather moot. He isn't going to obey a restraining charge anyway.

You need to speak to the prosecutor and ask to make a restraining command part of his sentence, but jail is the best place for him.
If this matter comes to court, the CPS can ask for the man to be placed on conditional bail, to include the condition that he do not contact your sister or yourself and your partner. The trouble is, once the crust is over the condition will not apply. I am not at all certain that you would know how to lay an information against him to obtain an injunction from what you say. The first incident be five months ago, since when you've allowed matters to continue as they be, and the latest incident is one on which you don't appear able to present evidence, unless you actually heard him utter the threat. If he phoned you and threatened you both contained by this way, then this would be plenty to get him charged with making threats to massacre. If you were simply told by your sister that he had done so, this would not count as evidence, as it would constitute hearsay.
People are misled within thinking that a restraining order keeps a secure person away from them. What a restraining order does is notify the court and the police that here is a dangerous person out near so that if something ill does occur that extramural charges can be placed against that person, it really does nothing for you. Sure you can place the establish and if you see that guy coming within so many foot you can report it to the police, but if the guy runs or is too quick for you then what apt is the restraining order. I'd say place it anyway (because of the threat) and don't explain to him you placed it, but don't depend on it to work.

Yes there are things like relations intervention as in forcing the court (at his hearing) to get him AA serve if drunkenness is his problem, or get him psychological help. Not other does that work either if the person doesn't will to stick with the program.

The only method a person can be charged and stay in detain for a long time is if they really try something.

Some people get a "permit" and pass (a firearm) but remember that there are only infallible reasons a person can shoot and not get hold of time for that, and there are dangers next to having a firearm around children.

You say the man "walk into your house" exactly did he do that, did he have a key, did you unstop the door to him and let him enter? Then the problem may be that you are weak surrounded by that area and enabling. Perhaps you should a short time ago say "no".
Go to the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) ASAP. The simple answer is possibly Yes! Source(s): A BNP memer.
You noticeably do not need to be physically harmed to get a restraining demand against someone. You only need to own evidence that this is a possibility.
"he beat my sister up in her home after said he was coming to my house to kill my partner" is probably satisfactory. Add in all that other stuff and it is nearly a no-brainer.

Then, obviously, there's the question about whether such an demand will actually keep you locked and what other ways you might thnk of to keep yourselves safe....

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