Do you believe that laid subsidise muslims exist?

so im muslim and i think its funny how people counter when i tell them that. They think im prude and uptight when im the exact disparate... I drink a lot and smoke , and have profoundly of friends from different backgrounds(my bf is an atheist). And i always order the bacon cheeseburger at macdonalds! SO my question is; i know most muslims are strict, but why do people always assume that because im a muslim, i own to be some sort of religious nut. (no offense) i think its hilariouss, lighten up ancestors
Of course laid back muslims exist. I own nothing against people mortal religious (I am not religious myself) as long as they don't force their views on other people. Sadly, in attendance are a lot of ignorant citizens out there who will blame any ethnic/religious group they can on their country's problems.
I agree, I own several muslim friends and I find them to be very much like me. If anything, I use them as a source of information to cram about the principles of the muslim faith. People reason that way because they need to be adjectives about muslims.
I would not say 'most muslims' are strict. Those I know are pretty much the same as the Christians or atheists I know, or the Sikh, for that event. Simon the wiccan can get a little intense sometimes.

People are associates, they come in all shades of religious fervor.
Aren't you the Muslim guy who claims Hispanic ethnicity from the Tyra show?
I was wondering what happen to you.
you do a lot of things that are forbidden to to Moslems

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