Accused of nouns?

Yesterday I was shopping at this small department store like Nordstrom, but much smaller. I be looking at the nails section and picked up a twosome of cuticle scissors, seeing as how it was $30 i put it back subsequent on. I proceeded to the L'occitaine part and decided to buy a small mitt cream, and I also bought this other hand sanitizing moisturizer...ANYWAYS after I have bought the items I proceeded to heading out of the store when a lady approached me and asked me where the fastener clippers were, I told her that I put them back and she said but ma'am where on earth did you put them? basically accusing me of stealing them. insulted, I said "why would I buy something and then not buy another article?" and the lady could not say anything and I gone.

Now, I don't know if I should go back to the store to return with something for my mom, but what if they approach me again and accuse me further? what if they didn't find the nail clippers and they bring me away or something?
I am 17 and I'm scared...
I should write to the store manager explaining the situation and what a simple track to lose customers (did you get the other persons pet name and/or authority) I would copy the letter the store HQ and keep a copy yourself. Ask for an apology and not to be tense should you chose to shop there again.
Whats the problem ?? If you dont have an unpaid for item in your possession - after departure the store - then the shop and security staff can say aloud and do whatever they like - they will look the fools. Also, if your stopped from your official right to free movement - when you have clearly not done anything wrong and more important, their be, is no intent by you to steal - then the security staff enjoy broken the law and you can sue them.
yes people do buy things and steal something, you take people buying things and hiding smaller things inside it
so it does happen but i presume your over reacting, big deal you be asked
from now on they might keep an eye on you, don't verbs about it Source(s): my head
If you were not taken contained by backroom or if they did not take your name etc you hold nothing to worry roughly speaking. There is no evidence of theft and since they allowed you to leave they cannot prove you took anything. If they stop you on a return stop by contact their corporate office I suspect you will get a endowment card to make upo for the error if that does indeed take place.
By the approach depending on state you dont have to leave store or miss register for it to be theft Source(s):
I doubt they will charge you for stealing again. But if they do so, you can ask them to check on CCTV in the shop or let them check your daypack.
If I be you, I won't go back here. I know how it feels but for your own good don't be in motion back despite the right you have to do so. Just my 2 C.
They can't do anything, as long as you can prove you didn't steal anything, you're ok. If you walk within, most likely nothing will develop, worst of it will be having that lady will be watching you. I would a short time ago shop somewhere else, just because that place gave me a doomed to failure experience. You can also complain and get her fired if you wanted to, probably take a gift card so they can keep your business. If they bring before the court you, stand your ground, prove it to their faces, and and talk to the planner.
just dont go final there for a while to be safe but even if you do they can't do sht minus proof.
In order to actually prove shop lifting you would hold needed to have passed the checkout and been see to actually leave the store. Therefore at the moment explicitly only an accusation from somebody that thought they might enjoy seen something. You were competent to prove otherwise, especially as there would no doubt own been CCTV footage.

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