How to Annoy My Neighbors Legally?

My neighbors have never really like our house for no apparent reason. And are pretty rude. When we first moved in they called the police on my mum for "soliciting around their house" at 3 am one hours of darkness. ( which she didn't!) and they've cussed out my brother when he was 6 b/c he picked up a rock from their yard. They enjoy a son that's my age, and he's not so nasty, in reality he's sweet but his dad is just bitter and mean. My parents narrate me to just stay away from them, and I usually do, but lately they've been VERY annoying.
Last winter our barrier separating us from them started falling down. My dad emailed my neighbor and said he was willing to hire a constructor to build a brand new one and pay for half of it, if he (my neighbor) would foot for the other half. However my neighbor said no. :( then a week following he starts building his own fence (he says that the obstruction was meant to be on his side of the property anyway... not true) that's approaching 8 ft tall and we get the repugnant side of it. We weren't to upset about this until he stopped painting the fund side of the fence, so not only did we own the ugly part, but it also wasn't even alike color! My mum is VERY upset about this, but doesn't want to say anything b/c she's afraid he might give the name the police again. And we cant just paint our side b/c the old blockade is still up (on our side I guess) and the new one isn't finished, therefore we'd merely have half a barricade. But if we just go surrounded by between the fences our neighbor will freak out again b/c like I said previously, he thinks the fence belongs on his property.(yeah it doesnt fashion sense)
So if y'all could think of some ways we could get subsidise at him while still be legal that would be great! I know it sounds mean but he's be pretty snobby himself. gratefulness!

oh! and he also hasn't built the fence properly, so we have rusty nail stick out on our side which is VERY dangerous! :(
Plant a row of trees along the fence.
Call your local councillor - discuss.

If he is constructing a fence on the boundary you are responsible for - gain a solicitor to write him a letter explaining this - with a copy of the deeds (doesn't cost too much).

If the neighbour is going to present a continuous problem - move. Life's too short to spend on mean people.
Call your local zoning officer or code enforcement office. Chances are the balustrade isn't up to code if it looks all crappy. He'll get a repulsive fine for that.
Few suggestions:

1) Loud music during the day
2) Put an even bigger & uglier back-sided barricade up
3) Run a daycare centre at your house...

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