A shard of cup contained by a chicken breast - what would you do?

I was just around to pop the chicken breast in the oven for tea when I spotted something sticking out. I cut the breast in partially and sure enought there was a shard of cup 20mm by 6mm embedded in the breast.

This be bought from a branch of a national superstore, which makes it even more worrying.

My question is - what would you do? Would you sue? Or would you newly pull it out and carry on near life?

I'm not interested in suing, i'm with the sole purpose asking out of curiosity of what other people would have done.

Before it is suggested - at hand is absolutely no way the food or casing could have been tamper with. This was within the breast when I took it out of the store packaging.
I would murder adjectives of the store employees and their families near glass knives. Not their denounce, but it definitely would teach a lesson to whoever is responsible.
Take pictures of it inside the chicken breast document everything... god forbid this come up to someone else unknowingly and it ends up hurting someone.... I would bring it to the companies attention, and if you want to make a quick buck you honestly could sue them for that... but close to I said take pictures and keep it to show them that path they don't blame you and say you planted it there.
It is obvious to me that the chicken committed suicide. It may have have a friend who was a Turkey who was nominated for xmas slaughtering and it could not deal with it. We will never know ??
I would inform the supermarket within case there are more.
Unless you ate it and it harmed you, near is not much you can do other then call the place where on earth you got the food, and tell them give or take a few it.
I wouldn't take it out, then cook it as near may be more in there!
Lawsuits are designed to restore your health damages. If you found the glass first, your damages are limited to the cost of the chicken. Serves you right for drinking that poor defensless creature that loved life as much as you do. Go and eat some proper food.

I close to to believe in fate and comeuppance.

Sorry to nouns harsh, but it kind of serves you right.
I'd cart pictures and notify the manufacturer of the issue immediately. They hold a serious handling problem. If somebody less observant gets one next to glass in it they could be seriously hurt so the culture making the product need to know about it.
I would hold eaten the glass and afterwards sued.
I would take it posterior to the store and complain. They will undoubtedly replace it and maybe offer compensation as okay as a gesture of goodwill - it's far cheaper for them to do that than have impossible publicity.

I wouldn't sue, simply because it would be daft to. It costs lb45 (at least it did last time I looked) to bring a claim within the Small Claims Court, so unless you have a realistic randomness of suing for, say, lb100 or more it's just not worth it.

I looked into this when my car's electronic dashboard suddenly congested up. It turned out that the car was one of a load of Ford Focuses made in 2003 that all have these faulty components. The problem appeared on the BBC Watchdog programme and as a result Ford offered to replace them free... minus lb99. Should I sue for the other lb99? Having discovered it would cost me almost half that to sue them, I arranged not to bother. I contented myself with sending Ford a stinging letter when they have the audacity to send me a customer satisfaction questionnaire afterwards.
I contemplate you've discovered the unfortunate chicken's cause of destruction :/
Now it's merely a task of figuring out how it happen. Since the chicken wouldn't have been strong ample to shatter the glass on it's own .. we must deduce that it be a foreign agency that did it - hence, murder most foul! Who would have had motive to wound this helpless animal? I say that it would not have be the farmer, who possesses tools that, for all that they are gruesome, sort up for it in swiftness and efficiency. Nay .. we cannot look to the cultivator for our answer. Who then?? I say that it be some dark fiend who ambushed our gallinaceous comrade as he strode innocently across the patio .. and that, to dispose of the corpse, this murderer (or murderers) secreted it along with the other cadavers within the meat bin of the slaughterhouse. The motive can have been any a personal vendetta or cruelty. Since it wouldn't make sense for a person to hold a personal vendetta against a chicken - it follows that this was cruelty.

I think you'd be best advise to contact the animal welfare people and stake out the poultry farm. Try to take into custody that devilish murderer red-handed .. many many chickens will thank you.

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