If I put nude similes of a girl on the internet. Is it against UK Law?

She posed for them in my flat. There are not for commercial use.
Not if it is art.
If she is over 18 and willingly posed for the images afterwards in the UK you as the photographer are free to publish the images.
The just comeback she would have would be if they were libelous or slanderous.

Mind you, if you do it without her knowledge and she does not want it next you may just get a pop in from a couple of her very large manly friends.

In the UK there is NO requirement in regulation for a "model release" before the copyright holder publishes any pictures they took in public or surrounded by private with the sitters permission.
it all depends on her age if she is under 18 you enjoy broken the law just by taking the snaps even if she be willing, under UK statute its illegal to make any nature of pornographic material with a being or persons under the age of 18 it is also unfair to distribute or show such said material to be in possession of it Source(s): my chief
1) It's against the ruling if she's under 18. You can be prosecuted for making and publishing indecent images of a minor. (You can keep hold of them for your own use provided she's over 16)

2) It's against the law if you didn't tell her that it be your intention to publish the photographs.
if she isn't aware you were going to do so afterwards yes. permission is needed or you are liable for prosecution. since she posed for them she may not mind but ideally written ( not just oral) authorization needs to eb obtained . within are standard modelling forms you can use.
A girl in America sued a guy for eight million dollars for doing that. You could find yourself working for the rest of your life to wage that mistake off. Unless you have a clear written document giving you green light to put the photos on the Internet, you are open to get sued. If the girl is underneath 16 then you could also serve prison time.
Yes, she didn't agree to that and you could face allowed and criminal charges.
If you wish to be sued and prosecuted and embarassed by all the glum media you will be hit with after do it
All these blokes are wrong.

You took the pictures and you own the copyrights so you can post them where on earth and how you want as long as they are not for commercial reasons. You can do so even without a models release and even if you did not discuss beside her that you would be posting the pictures in the public forum.

Obviously if she is under 18 you will win in trouble so don't do that. Source(s): I am a model and I know the laws.
Why in the world do you want to be stupid!!

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