The police only give me the name of the boys who stole my bike -legally can I christen and shame on fb?

The police called me today and gave me the name of the lads caught on cctv stealing my bike (it was locked up and they broke the lock intentionally to steal it, ot was solitary 6 months old -it cost me a fair bit and to tag on to that, it cost me a lot of money in travel afterwards). Of course I very soon know their names so i want to name and shame them on facebook -but can I justifiably do that? if not why not? and if not even so, when?
You should probably wait for them to be charged and found guilty of stealing it, just to be on the undamaging side.
Until the lad is officially found guilty of stealing your bike, you HAVE to use words like ALLEGEDLY stole your bike. You can state the truth,as truth is the with the sole purpose defense to defamation of character or other similar lawsuits, you should enjoy no trouble. Then, after he is deemed guilty, have at it dude. He later OFFICIALLY stole your bike and you can throw Allegedly out the door.

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