Why the public hypocrisy?

A private individual has taken to secretly film people who do not scoop when their dog poops and later reporting them to the Council. There is no control on who he videos, what he records or what he does beside the recordings afterwards. On a phone-in radio show he gets nothing but praise bordering on admiration for doing this.

Council officers, if they want to do EXACTLY the same piece, have to state (in writing and in great detail) how, where on earth and when the recording will happen and what will be done near the recordings and get this approved through at least 2 layer of management; what they have done is reviewed by an external body at lowest possible annually and usually more often. They, however, get zilch but screams of outrage from the public.
That's exactly why.

If a private individual does this it comes as a free service to the people.
If the council does this it costs thousands to the tax payer.
I suppose if a concerned citizen is prepared to go to that trouble in his own time and at his own expense, it is the manner of individual action that can be applauded. If a council does it, then it is doing it not simply on behalf of the people who want clean streets, it is also doing it on behalf of the slothful, inconsiderate bastards who haven't cleaned up as they should. Therefore, the council is being discriminatory and that is not its opportunity.
Public hypocrisy indeed. You should read the Daily Mail to get shed-loads of this.

People are immensely keen on the govt and councils 'doing something' about litter, dog mess, deafening neighbours, feral kids etc., etc.

As long as the govt or council don't interfere with THEM.

People are very ready on surveillance and oversight and rules for others, not so keen on it for themselves.

Like wind farm, everyone terribly keen on them , as long as they're 'somewhere else'.
Not here - no - great opinion, but not here.
Seems close to a big waste of time and money to me. Some people are bored, but a city council have better things to do.

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