I am seperated but house achievement still half/half?

Hi there my husband has gone me about 25 yrs ago and i have be paying the mortgage ever since.
I want to sell the house and move somewhere quiter. Can I sell the house as the deeds are still partly half.. Am based within the UK
Technically, no you can't sell short your husband's agreement as the property is still legally half his. You necessitate to see a solicitor, explain the facts and see what can be done. I would assume there must be a legal moving parts for these situations, but you need an expert.
not without his signature or him signing over his share of the house to you

it might be possible to procure him to sign something to say he won't claim the house when you sell but you'd involve to speak to a solicitor to be sure

oh and be sure to keep all your wall statements that show only you paid the mortgage too if you enjoy them

good luck with this one Source(s): sold a unified owned but single mortgage paid house a few years ago
If you can't locate your former husband, or he won't sign the deeds, Youcan simply get a court order whereby the Judge signs contained by his place. Happens all the time.

Beware of him trying to nab 50% of the equity.

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