Can I record an assault charge on a child?

My 13 year old daughter is suffering bullying at school and be recently dragged to the floor and kicked in the leader by another pupil.She is too frightened to return to school and the teachers are critical.
Go see her parents, my friends daughter be being picked on by a girl in her class and the girls sister who be in the senior school, she spoke to the mum and it turns out they are jehova's witnesses and the mum be horrified to find out her little angels were the bullies round where the institution is, she now walks both daughters to academy and back until they learn to deed like civilized humans, not that this would be the case next to everyone but hey sometimes a little word in the right ear help
Yes you can report it, age of criminal liability starts at 10, it is a rebuttable presumption, that means it is presumed but can be proven otherwise. So if the children who attacked your daughter have special requests or what ever, the fact that they knew what they be doing was wrong can be challenged. That's for the family on the other side to sort out though. You daughter would be the one filing the charge as she is the one who has be hurt. What you've got to bear surrounded by mind though is what the effects of reporting these kids will do? I mean is it just her word against the other girls? Not that Im disputing that this happen but when you go to the police, they are going to want evidence that it was this distinctive person, so do you have that? Im assuming this happen a few days ago so do you have evidence of her injuries, did she go to hospital? Would here be cameras showing this or teacher or even other pupils willing to confirm what happen? Otherwise it would be pretty pointless to report it. It would just stress your daughter out. Maybe moving schools might be better for her?
tell the school or turn to the police
Make an appt. to see the principal first.

If you don't get satisfaction nickname the area superintendent.

No satisfaction? You can converse to an Officer, 13 year olds can be charged with assault but bullying at school is a arts school problem.
yes you can, contact the police and make a formal complaint

as the teachers own been unhelpful, if you live contained by the UK you also write a complaint about those named teacher to the Chair of Governors at the school who will discipline them

write and request a copy of the bullying policy in the arts school - every school should have one - they should be freely available to parents anyway

pocket your daughter to the GP and discuss this with them as you need to acquire involvement of other agencies to prevent you being prosecuted for your child not attending school Source(s): used to be a university governor

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