Can you bring up to date me something like bailiffs ?

ok well ive been to the CAB more or less 4yrs ago and got a finanical statement done i have 11 creditors that i money at the end of each month a set wage ..this has been going on for abundant years and over the years the companys has passed it onto other companys so ive got confused and i guess not rewarded the rite companys etc ...
well i always convey my finanical statement when needed and pay when i recieve the letter however sometimes i do forget !!
okay just recently the end 2 days in a row someone has buzzed my intercom system (i live within a block of flats) i dont open my door unless i know someone is coming around as kids like to buzz or ppl to permit them in so i dont bother .
last hours of darkness it was at 8.20pm (uk time) then 10mins after afterwards today at 4.20pm could it be the bailiffs ? as if it was friends they would ring or text and said they hold been round and no awnser ..also why dont they buzz on another person to permit them in so they can then knock on my door ?
my sister told me that if they hold been round on several occasions they enjoy to send a letter to influence they have tryed calling but no awnser this right ?
i dont live in an nouns where ppl buzz on my door ofr the fun of it ,but its really doing my head within ...ppl say just awnser the buzzer consequently your know but if it is the bailiffs i dont want to let them in ...
enjoy you received any threatening letters or any saying your debt have been sent on to debt collectors?
If not, its probably not bailiffs.
If it is the bailiffs you can answer the intercom and find out who it is and still not let them surrounded by, still even then, if they do get into the building, you dont enjoy to answer the door.
If bailiffs have been busy, someone has obtained a court lay down and you'd have had deeply of correspondence about that. It won't come out of the blue until they've given up on getting a proper response from you.

There's nothing to stop you answering the door, in recent times don't let them in until you know what it's roughly. They cannot force their way past you. However, as you own an intercom why not just ask them who they are and what they want? That's what it's there for. You don't hold to open the door unless you want to.

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