How to find a obedient solicitor that is to say experienced surrounded by criminal decree?

I understand theres different types of laws you can stumble foul from but in cases such as common assault, freestyle, ABH, GBH etc what lawyer would know most about this and does anyone know of any surrounded by London?

Just to satisfy your curiousity no i havent got within trouble with the police but because of the nature of the work i do near is a high likelyhood i will be talking to them.

If you hold access to the law reports (including the Times Law Reports), you will be able to see for yourself the name of solicitors specialising in this branch of the law. You can ask the Law Society for the name of London solicitors who practise in criminal law, but they own to be strictly impartial and can't indicate that any one solicitor is better than the rest. Another thing you could do is to drop into your local Magistrates' Court or Crown Court and ask around. Most member of the court staff would be able to give an unjaundiced assessment about which solicitor they would go to if they be charged with offences of belligerence.
Look on the lawsociety website -
or legal 500 -…

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