Legally how long are school allowed to hold on to you trailing, lacking parent approval?

ok we was in class today and the guru came in and shouted at us, cuz ppl wudnt shut up, she ses she will maintain us behind, and she kept us for 25 mins without parent okay!! Is this legal?
"ok we was in class today..." This pretty much say everything that needs to be said.
i am not entirely sure, but when my son be in secondary university (he is 19 now), his school were single allowed to keep him in after institution detention without parent notification for a maximum of 20 minutes, any longer and they had to present me 24 hours notice! i am not sure if this was newly their policy or the whole of Birmingham education policy, or even a system policy. you could phone the L.E.A (local education authority) and ask them, you should be able to return with their number on-line.
OMG. No. That's not legal at adjectives. Students are the ones in control of the classroom. Teachers aren't allowed to do ANYTHING designed to establish or maintain control. They are solely there to be ornaments. How dare that teacher even shout at you guys underneath those conditions! That's just so rude. Doesn't she understand that you involve to socialize and blow off steam?

Oh. No. Wait. That first paragraph was totally wrong. Teachers enjoy the right and responsibility to manage the classroom. Students have the right and responsibility not to behave approaching disrespectful obnoxious punks. Parents have given implied consent to teachers dealing beside this kind of issue. Further, any parent who would actually OBJECT to the teacher's exploit is too stupid to have procreated in the first place.
Your grammar suggests that anything they are doing at your school isn't working...
Artemis Gwen - Top answer LOL i totally agree

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