Do I own a leg to stand on?

My ex is trying to take my pet tortoise away. The paperwork is in his heading, it was a Christmas gift to me 3 years ago and since next I've been the one to look after him except for a small amount of time (about 4 months) when I lived in London. I'm worried that because of the paperwork that he have rightful ownership but he is part of the family and economically looked after. Do I have any ground or defence here, it's really upsetting me. Plus I deduce he has a house key that he never give back and I worry he'll win in when we are all out! Any counsel is welcome!
1. Change the locks.

+ 1. Change the locks!!

Torty - was endowment - simple.
its simple take the tortoise to a friends house for a week or two tell your ex its unmoving
you came home and it was comatose
dig a grave in the garden beside a cross with its name on
call a halt of problem Source(s): my head
Change the locks
If he come contained by and took it that would be an invasion of your property/a burglary. if he does, he goes to prison, you get your tortoise fund.
And if your not risking it, change your locks.
The tortoise was a grant and so belongs to you. Surely someone else knows that he gave it to you.

As far as him have a key to your place, change the locks.

- Stuart
Your last problem has an smooth solution - change the lock on the main door. The point about the pet tortoise is more problematic..
You do have as it was a payment... say that you have built a bond near the turtle and it will crush your heart...

I have watched Judge Judy on TV and be a similar story but with a dog instead of a turtle and on the grounds that was a bequest and that you have built a bond with your pet, he is not aloud to pressurise you to impart it to him. The papers don't matter because he might just turn sell it in the black souk!*bad joke* - but is true, he has no bond with the turtle so what he wishes it for? ! - you know... he is just being be going to:(a) not fair to you:(

Oh almost forgot, do change the locks:/
What you're really worried about seem to be whether the paperwork being in his designation means that the tortoise legally belongs to him. This is NOT the skin. This commonly happens with cars - one individual can be the registered keeper with DVLA but that does not variety them the legal owner. Sometimes people buy cars that are on HP, and it looks close to the seller owns the car but next some finance company turn up and repossess it.

Who the tortoise belongs to is a down to the intentions of the parties. From what you utter, this was a gift pure and simple. You don't carry to take gifts back only just because the relationship came to an end.

And transfer the locks. Sure, if he came in and get it then he MIGHT be committing burglary, but not if he has an honest (albeit) mistaken belief that the tortoise belongs to him. The police wouldn't touch it next to a bargepole anyway.

The only legal road for him to try and get it back from you is to sue you within the county court where, ridiculous as it sounds, a district judge will desire who the tortoise belongs to.
Change your locks. Also if he enters your house in need your permission he is trespassing and can get contained by trouble.

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