What happen if I am prohibited from the store and It wasnot the covering of stealing. But she told me I be wearing?

the coat before I entered the store and she said it is cheating to settlement. I have gave her my full designation and address in refund process. And today, when I go to the same store she told me she cannot serve me and banned for the store. She said she can phone call police but she didn't. so, in this case can she put these within police database or not. OR it;s just the verbal stipulation so, police not being involved.
In the UK at least, and probably anywhere, a retailer can forbid you from the store if they wish. They are not obliged to confess anyone they don't want. They often share pictures like that too.

In the UK in attendance is no legal requirement to refund unless the item is inexact
If you were wearing a coat you wanted a compensation on they were quite right to rebuff, as goods must be returned unused. Goods must be returned unworn, with the proof of purchase, ie the taking. I guess the way you did it made her suspicious of your honesty.Shop assistants see so many attempted theft that they are wary and always on their guard. She can't put anything on the police database herself - it would hold to be done by the police. But it might be wise to avoid going into that shop again to avoid further confrontation, as although she cannot prove you were cheating, neither can you prove you weren't. And subsequent time you need to return something take it backbone in the bag you took it home surrounded by, with the receipt. Then not a soul can question your honesty.
The store has the utter right to refuse admission to anyone they want.
If you do not take off when asked then you are committing trespass.

NO you will not get a criminal text for just being disallowed from a store.
It is her right to exclude you. Take your business somewhere else.

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