Is it court for a woman to enjoy two husbands?

If she chooses.
Nooo not at adjectives and its immorally wrong.
Not in the United States.

The United States only recognize the first legal marriage between a man and a woman. Any after that are not legalized, no matter if you're a man or a woman.

"Bigamy is having one spouse too heaps.
Monogamy is the same thing."
Is this a indisputable question....?!!

Not in the UK, no. That's bigamy.
Not in the UK. It is bigamy which is against the law.
It be practiced in dark Tibet until the law made it illegal as it led to family unit disputes.
Not in the UK, who the flippin heck could manage two of them wheew! lol
There are a couple of places in India where polyandry is permitted and practiced. It is considered a form of birth control. A woman will commonly marry two brothers.
Not contained by the UK it isn't.

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