Hi, a building firm I work for owes me over lb1000.00!! can I officially appropriate produce from them until they payment me?

I sub contract to the building company, they will not pay me what they owe me until they run up more debt with me! so, they other owe me around a thousand pound, Im sure if I leave they will come up with some excuse not to rate me! I intend to load up with merchandise from the stores and hold them until they settle the debt up to date, can I do this with out getting arrested?? thanks Mick
You'll be arrested. Fraudulent purchase applies.
No you cannot load up with stock, well you can but if you do you can be arrested and charged with nicking and that will give the building company an excuse to dismiss with your services and not pay envelope you at all. Plus you'll have a criminal narrative. Why not write to the MD of the builders company (or call a meeting) and explain the situation but do put it all within a letter especially your intention to stop work until the issue is resolved. At least afterwards if it does go pear shape, take the company to court and a mediate in a small claims court (for amounts under lb1000) may see that you enjoy been reasonable surrounded by your approach to the debt you are owed and judge in your like better. However the court route can be rather lengthy, do try the negotiation approach first.
Making sour without payment is a criminal felony. "I intend to give it back later" is not a fortification.

You would also be guilty of conversion.

Tempting tho' it may be, you can't take their property because they owe you money.
Why not issue a small claims summons; easy and cheap and you can do it on-line? Source(s): I'm a legal representative
Legally no.
In the eyes of the ruling you'd be just as guilty of theft if you took their property.
Not unless surrounded by your contract you expressly retained a security interest in specific bits of property. Otherwise, you MAY know how to file a lien on payments to the company. In general, however, you are no different than any other unsecured creditor.

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