Court fines missed grant (advice needed)?

I have a court fine, and recently missed a clearance which I was going to pay the following week near the next due payment. But I received a memorandum yesterday saying I had a warrant for my arrest, worried I get my receipts and worked it out with my calender and apprantly I'm 35 pound behind?!!. I plan to income this first thing monday morning but now I'm worried that the police may come round to my home and arrest me. I plan to ring up the number on the letter like it advise me to, to arrange a court date. I don't mind surrendering myself but I really don't want to be arrested before monday and have to spend the weekend within jail. Advice anyone plz??
Go to the police station, show the desk man your letter and influence that you are presenting yourself along with the due payments. Then you will know exactly the situation.
This has happened to me sooo masses times. If ya dont wan2 get arrested then simply ring the court to book an appearance. And defo stick to it- if not you will get arrested. And for missing just one settlement? Nothing to worry about espesh if you own the back money with you to money it when you turn up in court will do you good. Source(s): Ive appeared surrounded by court over 12times for fines and even done prison last year for it!
I am surprised that you got a admonition letter saying that a warrant have been issued. Usually the first you know is when a police officer turns up with a warrant. That first warrant will be back for bail, i.e. you will be ordered to return to court, but you won't be locked up. Your best bet is to go to court on Monday morning as planned and make your contribution. If the warrant really has been issued, consequently you apply to the magistrates to have it withdrawn and make sure you hold on to up payments.
Pay the fine asap, contact the court on Monday. Don't turn yourself in unless you want to spend the weekend surrounded by jail.

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