If someone open their motor door into yours and you see them do it, can you gain them to payment for the overexploit?

I was just contained by my car in a carpark this afternoon, and a pulse up car pulled in subsequent to me, the girl got out and swung her door right into the side of me. I got out and have a go, and she just apologised and walk off. I now hold to pay for the damage. I wasn't sure whether you can ask for insurance details over a article like that. What should I do if it happens within future?
ask for her info and insurance. They are responsible for your repairer
Get a bottle of touch paint and touch up the scratch. Get a suction cup and pop out the dent.

I can promise you that I would NOT pay to own an entire door or panel replaced or repainted, even if I am the one that did it.

I would get the touch paint, I would fix the scratch, I would pop out your dent, but NO, I am NOT repay to replace a whole panel or a whole door for stupid chisel. You want your whole door replaced, YOU can pay for it.

And when you do capture your door or panel replaced, they are going to charge you an arm and a leg for it, THEY are going to touch it up, pop out the dent, and turn around and sell it for the same amount they charged you for a alien door.

So really, its NOT worth it.
Hopefully, you have a cell phone that have a camera. I would take pictures of the driver, the car, the plate and the interrupt, then call the police to database a report. You can then get her insurance info from the report and construct a claim.

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