I own be unbelievably stupid!?

I was arrested on Saturday night for driving below the influence of alcohol. On top of this I only hold a provisional and I obviously have no insurance. I had 110mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. I only drove the motor 100 yards before I realised what I be doing and decided to pull the saloon over. I was sat stationary when the police pulled up subsequent to me. I'm feel so bad for mortal such an idiot and can only imagine what might own been. I'm lucky I did cause any serious lay waste to or worse! I'm really worried that when I go to court I will be sent to jail... is this potential? I come from a strong, supportive background and my family are hugely upset with me right now - I simply hope that this one stupid mistake will not put my job etc at risk if I get a custodial sentence.
you will get a fine and a driving ban, it is significantly unlikely you will get a jail sentence
If you get a good attorney and competently explain that you only drove such a short distance then the court may lug a better view of you. Either way you're going to win a driving ban of some length and possibly a fine but, providing this is your first offence, you should avoid any top-security prison sentence.

And why shouldn't they be upset beside you. You are not licensed, you in essence stole the car, you jeopardized the riches and welfare of your family. On top of this you are a minor, who was drunk. It is strong to find anything in your story that is positive..... solely IF you did stop on your own is their a glimmer of hope.

You will not go to jail. You will return with a license suspension, You will get a fine. You may get assigned to a drivers program or alcohol awareness program.

After adjectives is said and done. You will get through this, but it is a tough lesson to learn. Bare up to the responsibility for your movements... as you appear to be doing. You will be o.k.

Goodluck !

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