For what apology be the police officer acquit (Rodney King trial)?

I mean there is blatant video proof of Rodney King person beat. How did the jury justify their ruling?
Because they shouldn't go to intern for doing their job
They had a situation that most of us wouldn't dare to do and just because Rodney King is black, everyone overreacts
Its stupid and pathetic, King is a low existence criminal, drug addict
There were two other man with Mr King they be told to get out of the car and lay on the ground two complied Mr King did not The Police can not allow anyone tolerate allow a man of his size to stand up they suspected he was under the influence of drugs they used adjectives means to keep him on the ground one person in charge shot would have done it however that is not permitted Care to settle of Mr Kings actions after he received millions in compensation? Care to natter of the black communities action after the verdict they did not agree near? Care to compare the action of the white communities action after the OJ Simpson's ruling?
The feds to placate the black community put these policeman in jail for some time it be a God awful thing to do
Last year a German policeman went on a ''ride along'' six policeman get into a run up with 15 or so street gang members after he saw the severity he asked why they did not just shoot them why did they put themselves in this sort of danger?
The defence counsel played the video over and over and over again until it lost it's shock value. later they identified and replayed each individual strike and persuaded the jury respectively one was reasonable because they be is fear of what RK would do if he got up.

Juries asked to mediator absence videos etc. find equal thing done to them; over and over again until it becomes boring. Source(s): I'm a legal representative
The jury found that the officers whereabouts were "reasonable" because Rodney King was found to be "resisting arrest."

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