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i work 15 hours a week, and a few weeks ago i was off work ailing, i sent in a sick note to cover me for the week rotten, as i went to get my wages today, i hold only been remunerated for 1 week instead of 2, my manager says he sent the sick entry into head office and director office say they havent have it, now i wont be paid until i can get hold of a duplicate note, what are my rights on this, as i have bills coming out of the hill and will be charged if the bill money is not in :(
a wages clerk balls up, surrounded by your most politest niciest way rip the wages clerks head rotten. lay the facts out you have bills to pay because they fucked up. i know it sounds underhand and distasteful, but you have to put the emphasis on them its their reprimand. you gave the sicknote to your boss he sent it on to head bureau so obviously its not your probelm. you need salaried and will accept an emergency payment within the interim. either cash or a brass deposit into your bank.

i had this crap adjectives the time when i worked for other companies, over time not being payed. always the wages clerks idiosyncrasy. if they paid me for the normal week from my timesheet how did they miss the overtime as powerfully which was clearly written and signed for by my boss? well my attitude be to get their boss "if you want to do charity work and hire people more suited to weave baskets thats your problem, i done my work made you profit wheres my fuckin wages" i always got my money at hand and then, no such thing as a simple clerical error when you enjoy to pay rent or the mortgage.
Instead of wasting your time, give them a duplicate file. Things get lost. You will have to ask your creditors to hold bad for a couple of weeks until a replacement check arrives. If you are entitled to the money, you will get it but there will be a bottleneck. It was not your fault but sometimes impossible things happen to good general public. Your creditors will understand if you are current now. Anyone can own this happen to them once. I own property that I rent. One of my tenants have to be 2 weeks late with the rent because of an out of the blue emergency but she told me about it when the rent was due and i told her that i inherent. Shew has been paying on the dot for over a year and like i said, anyone can have an emergency which will be implied.

Best of luck.

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