If im surrounded by a situation where on earth some guy/s own approached me on the street and intend to do me wound...?

What am i allowed to do without getting a criminal record?

Am i allowed to 'deal' beside them?
Do i have to let them strike first or can i bring to a close it before it really begins?
Do i enjoy to ask them if im allowed to phone the police then run about approaching a lemon waiting for the police while they attack me?

What are my rights in this situation, because im really not up for a criminal record and im not up for getting pulverised to prove im innocent. [UK]
Learn some MMA and see the **** outta them Source(s): Self-Defence
if they have approached you and intend to do you harm that`s 2:1 so if i be you prob stop at a broken arm or two
or why not go for a walk near some mates approach them and DO them some harm
call human services and tell them ur situation in the past everthing gets worse they will understand u
Reasonable force, you feared for your life! I aspiration I had smacked that dyke out perhaps her sociopathic psychology would enjoy stopped her from doing what she did the FB!
I'm pretty sure you're competent to do what is necessary to incapacitate your attackers within what could be considered okay (obviously you probably shouldn't kill them, put them vegetative states, use excessive force). The bottom line is this: do you want to injure and conceivably kill these assholes attacking you and get send down time, or be in the legal "right" and gain robbed/stabbed/killed?

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