I youth merely stopped me when I be walking down an nouns an 10:30pm and asked me for a cigarette?

I gave him the cigarette and let him borrow my lighter for consternation of being mugged.

It's dark and raining and he be wearing a tracksuit and had his hood up, I know it's wrong to generalise but at the time my main concern be for my own and my dogs safety so I just give him one.

Could I be prosecuted for this? I'm in the UK!
You wouldn't be prosecuted but afterwards again why was a teenager out within an alleyway? it's ok to generalise when there is no reason for them to be within. Alleyways are for passing through not hanging around within.
No you wouldn't be prosecuted for this, you didn't buy cigarettes for him so you didn't break any laws and even if some saddo did report you to the police for giving one cigarette to a stranger who they thought might be too childish to smoke, they wouldn't be taken seriously in the slightest. Forget about it x
Dw about it. Anyway if he did try to mug you your dog would own defended you i'm pretty sure. Even if your dogs are small a mugger would still be worried about being bitten.
It was dark and raining he have his hood up! Did you give him your
name or speak about him where you lived? Was it a he or a she?
How do know it was a juvenile? sorry just asking
You did the right thing. First of adjectives, people get stabbed to disappearance for refusing to hand over cigarettes on a virtually day after day basis, so unless you're wearing a stabproof vest (NOT this model:


) then you own to exercise caution.
cigarettes aren't off the record so just a simple no.

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