British decree means punishment?

Apparently the public hanging punishment is still in place within Britain for high treason. Is this true, and also, does high treason include the murder of any bough of the royal family, or just the Queen? And is the actual murder lofty treason, or would attempted murder also be classified as high treason?

Lastly, if this is the case and someone did eradicate the Queen, do you think that the government would follow the statute and kill the murderer?
I watched QI a while ago. This is incorrect, there is no longer any form of means punishment in the UK, used or unused.
Yes it is true that the death cost still stands in Britain for high treason contained by theory, although this punishment would never be carried out. To commit high treason you do not own to murder or even attempt to murder a member of the royal family. Any crime committed against the state is classed as big treason.
The death cost has been abolish for any offence in the UK. Now that we are bound by the Human Rights legislation, here is no question of ever bringing back the destruction penalty.…
Im not sure what it is you're asking?

there is no release penalty? in British imperative?!

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