Will i jump to put inside because i enjoy be refuse official aid?

i have been refuse due to it not being in the interest of equality does this mean i will go to send down
If you are likely to lose your liberty as an outcome of the Criminal Proceedings you would not own failed the the interest of justice testing so no you won't go to jail. Source(s): Worked surrounded by Criminal Law in the UK
No, but if you don't have legal aid, it may result surrounded by it. Basically the courts are based around what lawyer can lie/state his defence the best to get someone out of/or into hot water. It really have nothing to do with the truth. There are lies everyday self told in court. Just sit back and survey. Source(s): Retired U.S. Army Military Police, 82nd Airborne Division.
NO however the queen can commit you to the TOWER
It all depends on what you own been accused of.
If it's a first felony and a minor one, the chances of jail are 0. Source(s): Ex Police Officer Interesting. Is this a civil situation? A jailable offense always qualify for legal aid within the US.
No, this is a standard ground for refusal. It has no bearing upon the outcome of the defence. As a matter of fact, when a entity is likely to be facing a term of captivity, this would enhance his or her chances of being granted Legal Aid, as the courts are extremely reluctant to distribute any unrepresented person to prison. Presumably you are charged with a minor wrong.

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