Before You Enter Court You Walk Through And Arch And Empty Your Pockets, What Does That Arch Detect ?

Concentrations of metals, over a certain number of grams. Aka, weapons that might be passed to a prisoner.


To see if you hold enough cash to buy the subsequent round of drinks.
Currently they are metal detectors. Soon there should also be explosive sniffers too.
Edit: A company i Oklahoma is makes an explosives sniffer to be precise being deployed at airports. It is already in service contained by Iraq and Afghanistan to locate mines.
Metal. Guns, knives, etc.
It checks to see it you have good sense and it is also use as a metal detector checking to see if you enjoy a weapon on you.
It detects guilt and attitude.

It's disguised as a metal detector, but I'm not fooled.
Metal. It is looking for weapons.

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