What will occur beside me over benefit fraud?

I am so worried. Had an appt today at the job centre. They found out I didn't disclose nest egg I have which are over lb6,000 and it's going to be sent to the Fraud Investigation Dept. It wasn't intentional on my part, but I enjoy never claimed a penny before in my energy.

I am really scared. I claimed income support after my husband left me concluding year, and to be honest wasn't clear about what I should/shouldn't disclose. My dad has be looking after my savings for me so didn't think this have to be mentioned, but he has now given them spinal column to me and they found out about it.

Will I have to dance to Court? I can't sleep through worry. Please help.
They will simply put right whatever you owe them.
If only they chased fiddling politicians near the same gusto. There must be support groups for people on benefits - try the internet. Citizens Advice Bureau is your best bet.
You most likely will have to travel to court.. in the US you could face possible top-security prison time; at minimum you will have to pay adjectives the money back. And for future quotation when your asked about income/resources that DOES include savings, child support, vivacity insurance, retirement funds, even interest on bank accts..ect.. if your ever in doubt more or less what to disclose than ask, consquences are to high not to. Good Luck! Source(s): welfare worker
When you fill contained by the claim form it clearly asks different questions and there is a second sheet also to backing you to make the application. It clearly states also that if you are not sure of any questions near is a telephone helpline if you are unsure of any questions. If you enjoy claimed any benefits and not declared any true facts on the claim sheet then you are liable to prosecution due to fraud. If you plead guilty to the offence consequently you may get off delicately without having to be in motion to court or serve a short prison sentence but it is guaranteed that you will no longer be able to claim that benefit and will have to repay every penny you hold falsely claimed. If you plead not guilty then the benefit department team will demand a court audible range. My advice is to seek permissible help but even a solicitor would state that you don't have a baggage as the claim form provides everything you need in your application and also clearly states what the cost is for making a false claim. The bottom line is that if you have over lb6,000 contained by savings then you unequivocally don't need income support to live on and that is the agency the law will see it too.
You will probably just have to foot back what you claimed when you actually have money.

Pretty hard to forget about a reserves account when you are saying you are within need of assistance. ??

They could charge you with fraud.
They could voice no more assistance again.
UK - don't worry you wont travel to court, the worst thing will be a change on your benefits that are remunerated to you. long time ago my friend was working part time for a few months brass in hand because of discouraging debts and got caught? - he promised not to do it again and that was the final he heard from them? it totalled around lb150. The very worst that will occur is you pay back the benefits you hold received.
No you won't enjoy to go to court. They don't have time to contract with small time cheats.
Your going to hold to pay back any benefits you've claimed and you may draw from prosecuted for fraud

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