If you found a wallet lying surrounded by the street, stuffed full of money and no ID - would you appendage it contained by or keep hold of it?

I'd love to see the distribution of answers to this query ,according to age group

I'd guess the majority of over 65's (not exactly the most well off contained by the UK) would hand it in ,and the majority of below 21's would think you mad for even considering hand it in.
I would foot it in at the police station and I would hover like a hawk over the desk serjeant to be paid sure that a complete record was kept of the contents of the wallet so that if it wasn't claimed in the time concerned I could legitimately take delivery of the money. I would be happier, though, if the party who had lost it was competent to recover it. This sort of thing have happened to me and it is horrible to lose money when you are hard up.
would you know how to live with yourself if you kept it & if the answer to that question is yes afterwards you deserve nothing but bad luck,& can never be trusted ...................................
i have be in this situation before.
i hand it in to the police station. it was not mine, and if i have lost something of value i'd hope that whoever found it would turn it in.
after a month, nobody have claimed it at the police station so i got to keep it though :)
Turn it in. No question.
I would take the US government position...
A 100 percent reclamation tax...
Hand it in

You gain it back if nobody claims it. Source(s): This is what I did last time.
Keep it.
probably belongs to an immigrant , of late come from social so id keep it
preserve all the lovely money for myself. i found a purse with lb129.74 contained by it and a wallet with lb60 in it and both times i kept the money and spent it. i regard as they had id if truth be told and i still pocketed it so i definitely would keep it lacking id
Hand it within..
Keep it I'm afraid.

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